‘The Adventure of Moïse and the Animals’


The Adventure of Moïse and the AnimalsMoise Story-cover-FINAL-FrontAuthor’s Note;

‘The Adventure of Moïse and the Animals’ has been a beautiful and amazing life experience for me. It helped me step out of this cloistered world, cross all barriers and return to my childhood and re-live the happiest and the most memorable time of my life. It took me to place of innocent giggles, playful pranks, funny adventures, and much more that shaped me and my family into the survivors that we are.

I believe every child is special and is a unique blessing, as is my lovely young brother Moise Juma, upon whom the main character of the story is based on.

My brother Moise is an adorable, loving, kind and talented child. He is a ray of hope; He symbolises our aspirations and makes our family shine brighter.

I wrote The Adventure of Moïse and the Animals story to celebrate life of every child, every family and every animal in our world, including the life of my lovely brother Moise Juma, my beautiful family, our friends and Moise’s human and animal friends.

This story is a unique and special gift from my family to yours: to be shared and enjoyed together. This is a special gift to offer to a brother and sister for a birthday, or for a unique festival and celebration, or to read to a child to keep them happy at night.

I take a moment here to say “thank you” to my dear mother Cibibi Lina Iza, my lovely young brothers Moise Juma, Rajabu Juma, Adboul D. Juma, and my beautiful sisters Farida Juma, Shany Nina Juma, Mwasity Massy Juma, my nephews Amari Juma, Lucas Juma and my beloved father Juma Omari may God peace be upon him. God bless my family.

And also my special gratitude to my friends Myungsook Lee and her family, and Mark Perry.

This book is for all the children around the world. You embody all of our aspirations and celebrations. Cliché though, but memories last forever. So go forth and make wonderful memories!”

Leila Liliane Juma


The Habitants of GreenField

Moise Story-cover-FINAL-Front
Author’s Note;

Dear friend, As a young adult now, I still remember the love and the storytelling of my father and my mother during my childhood as if it was yesterday: from our wonderful long-lasting laughs, to the great moments that we shared, from the special and quiet nights to the unique days and celebrations, birthday parties and festivals. Together as a family, we gathered around the table, or sat on the mat around the fire, for quality time as a family… story time.

I learned from my parents the love of storytelling. This was their way of teaching me how to appreciate and celebrate life with love and kindness. They made me think positively, nourishing my thoughts by asking questions, and continue to educate me about who I am and who we are as family, and as humans.

I wrote The Habitants of GreenField because I want you, the reader, my fans to laugh and have fun while reading and living this story. I’m happy to share with you the amazing experiences that I have with these magical, unique and mysterious animal characters in this story, which came to me through a dream about another world than ours, the animals who live there, their lives and friendships. The story of GreenField and its’ habitants is the first in a series, each episode providing a new adventure for the characters and readers, and a strong message about hope and friendship that turns into strong family bond.

Happy reading, enjoy!

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My secret, these eyes, my soul, my spirit, my heart, my smile, my compassion, my kindness, hope and prayer, all these, I never give up. And more I fall, hurts, pain, losses and lost, I will fight until my last breath. I have live and seen hell and light, as the Heavens is God is kingdom. I was kidnapped at 12years, gun pointed and the kidnappers with their machetes wanted to open my chest and remove my heart and eat it while I'm alive and dying while watching all these. I felt cold, scared, tears but I fight with words and prayers and God whom I trust and pray answered. I had enough of seeing blood and dead bodies, wars and didn't want death to come to me, in the boat, I wanted to jump in the darkest lake but I was stopped. I have gone weeks with no water or food and just walking to safety...you name it, I have seen it all. Maybe you are not alone who fights the unseen and seen demons, you who can't sleep or want to live or give up and ruin your fuckin life, and blame it on yourself and other. Why? Because of pain, selfishness and you give up. Life is painful, big pain as humanity can't even survive if we don't stop. You may not see it or feel it and I hope you don't, but bad and pain happen to good people, and it you and you alone to see the light in the darkness and find a way even stuck. It not your fault and do not blame it on yourself or your mate and those experiences. With lot of sick, suffering and wounded souls, what options do you have than to live and not to survive? It your call. If life was just a clock, I could have change things but not who I am. I could have chose wisely and better but better in life is me. And uh? Traumatized or trauma, is how the science named it, just don't let it defined who you are or decides for you, just get up, you are stronger than you think. Both the game and player is me that is life. Fallow the road of destiny and documented it moment as you live. I don't give up, I am myself hero, I am my life and I choose to live life and not life live me❤️😇 Lj ...

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